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Magnetic silicon ankle band


High Strength Magnetic Silicon Ankle band

A high strength magnetic silicon ankle bracelet, designed for maximum magnetic performance.

NEOMAX 12 uses the patented technology to produce a unique magnetic silicon anklet. This innovation integrates 12 large magnets and suspends them in a flexible silicon band. The NEOMAX 12 is for the magnetic power-seeking enthusiast. Each of the 12 super sized magnets is 6mm x 6mm x 2mm and is constructed from a 42,000 gauss manufacturer graded neodymium boron magnet giving 2,500 gauss at the bracelet surface per magnet.

This ensures maximum magnetic therapeutic benefit and an optimum performance from the NEOMAX 12. It really is the most powerful magnetic silicone ankle band available. NEOMAX 12 ankle band offers additional benefit of acupuncture stimulation. Key points on the ankle are used in traditional acupuncture to help with ankle, leg and knee problems along with vital acupuncture points for energy and vitality.

Magnetic Silicon Ankle band


  • High performance - Silicon magnetic ankle band
  • Therapy - Complementary for joints and muscles
  • Magnetic - Natural pain relief
  • Size of magnets - Each magnet 6mm x 6mm x 2mm
  • Power and strength - 12 x 2500 gauss neodymium bn magnets
  • Material - Patented high performance Silicon Compound
  • Silicon Band - Flexible, durable, robust, water resistant
  • Easy to wear - Soft and comfortable, ultra lightweight